Josiah "Jo" McKinney

I love to create things, developing new ideas and make everything myself. I utilize my vision to create everything in my world, from impactful advertising campaigns to designing the car I drive.


My passion for design sparked from an obsession with observing the world around me, taking in design styles and how every item I see, was thought of, developed, and executed. I am influenced by quality effective design we all see every day!


Most young boys have a love for cars at a toddler age, and usually falls off as they become older, as I did. However, by the time I was 13, I again became fascinated by cars and thier influence on the world. The passion for design kicked into high gear when I could not find images of cars exactly how I wanted, nobody had customized them in the way I was imagining. I was left with one option: learn how to create the images myself! I then jumped head first into my life as a designer.


This fixation on observation has become the base of an obsession to share my designs to influence others in a positive and rewarding manner. APG offers a creative atmosphere that promotes my ability to create designs that inspire those around me in the way I was inspired. I look forward to making your creative vision a reality.