Jeff Portillo

Illustrator. Designer. Professional doodler.

I picked up my passion for drawing from my parents. They truly played a large role in my early years of inspiration. As a child, I can vividly remember obsessively watching Disney movies and being captivated by the colors and animation. The consistent urge to draw created distraction from school and my grades began to pay for it, however it further dialed in my creative talent and ultimately I learned to balance school and creativity. A lesson I have never forgotten.

Movies, video games, and cartoons heavily inspire me. I love the unique approach this brings to my professional world. I love the innocence of cartoons, I am sure this is why I have been told I don’t act my age and I am completely okay with that.

I have graduated from the levels of school to prosper in life and now I’ve put them to work – here at the wonderful world of APG!