Avery McKinney

My passion for design sparked from an obsession with observing the world around me, taking in every detail that we are surrounded by. Everything that can be seen was thought of, developed, and executed to serve a very specific purpose. I am influenced by these highly effective designs that we all see and interact with every day.

This fixation on observation has become the base of an obsession to help others grow their businesses, campaigns, and goals through design. APG offers a creative atmosphere that promotes my ability to manage designs that always garner a direct, concise, and incressingly effective response. 

Anyone can make a pretty picture, even our phones. The trick is knowing why it is pretty, then realizing what the cause and effect will be. I am constantly looking for new ways to unriddle the human experience – find out why we like things, why we buy products and how that can be applied, in reverse, for my clients. It may be a never ending journey, but my obsession with observation, turned to application will be sure that my clients at APG always reap the benefits.

I look forward to making your creative vision and goals a reality.